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General Knowledge

 1. The first head quarters of the New York Stock Exchange was at:

(A) Dalai Street 
(B) Wall Street
(C) Silk Street
(D) Anna Salai 

2. A website that helps one to visit and view the three dimensional pictures of places: 

(A) Google Earth 
(B) Google Mail 
(C) Google Desk Top 
(D) Google Video Player 

 3. The latest country which became the member of UNO is : 

(A) Kosovo 
(B) Montenegro 
(C) Vatican 
(D) Haiti 

 4. The name of the Japanese organisation that manufactures paper planes: 

(A) Japan Origami Aeroplane Association 
(B) Japan Origami Aeroplane Congress 
(C) Japan Origami Council 
(D) Japan Origami Union 

5. The first Indian Lunar Space Mission : 

(A) Apollo-2
(B) Chandrayan-1 
(C) Luna code 
(D) Space Odyssey 

 6. The date on which the World Health Day is observed : 

(A) April 7 
(B) April 1 
(C) April 5 
(D) April 30 

7. The director of Newspaper Boy :

(A) Ramu Kariat 
(B) P. Ramdas 
(C) M.KrishnanNair 
(D) I.V.Sasi 

8. The name of the first Insurance Company in India: 

(A) The bombay Mutual assurance company LTD 
(B) SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd 
(C) The LIC of India
(D) ING Vysya Insurance Co 

9. The cause for the Punnapra Vayalar appraisal of 1946 : 

(A) Russian Model Constitutional Reforms 
(B) Ahammed Nagar Model 
(C) American Model Reforms 
(D) European Model Reforms 

10. The Defense Minister when Goa was annexed to the Indian Union in 1961: 

(A) Y.B.Chauvan
(B) A.K. Antony 
(C) Pranab Kumar Mukherjee 
(D) V.K. Krishna Menon 

11. The controversial part of Indo American Nuclear Pact : 

(A) 203 Act 
(B) 144 Act 
(C) Hyde Act 
(D) Paris Agreement 

12. The technique the British adopted to strengthen their position in India: 

(A) Hit and run 
(B) Work to rule 
(C) Work overtime 
(D) Divide and Rule 

 13. The first Europeans who came over to India were: 

(A) The English 
(B) The Dutch 
(C) The Portuguese 
(D)The French 

14. The name given to the government elected in 1887 in Paris : 

(A) Paris Committee 
(B) Paris Corporation 
(C) Paris Commune 
(D) Paris Municipality 

15. The war of 1839 between England and China : 

(A) World War 
(B) Crimean War 
(C) Cold War 
(D) Opium War 

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