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1. The chairman of board of governors of NIRDESH

A) Home Minister

B) Defense Minister

C) Prime Minister

D) President

2. Which day is observed as world autism day ?

A) May 2nd

B) April 2nd

C) June 1st

D) August 1st

3. first chairman of planning commission of india

A) Vallabhbai Patel

B) Lal Bahadur Shastri

C) Jawaharlal Nehru

D) None Of These

4. Which state is the largest contributor of e waste in India?

A) Kerala

B) Andhra Pradesh

C) Maharashtra

D) Karnataka

5. the process of fermentation was discovered by :

A) Luis Pasteur

B) Alexander Fleming

C) Edward Jenner

D) Rontengen

6. which is the capital of uttarakhand ?

A) Ranchi

B) Raipur

C) Dehradun

D) Dispur

7. commonwealth of independent states CIS was created in:

A) January 1991

B) December 1991

C) October 1992

D) MARCH 1992

8. the first Indian to win grammy award

A) Pandit Ravishankar

B) Ustad Ali Khan

C) Mrinalini Sarabhai

D) M.S Subhalakshmi

9. fathometer is used to measure

A) Earthquake

B) Rainfall

C) Ocean Depth

D) Sound Intensity

10. the most abundant element in earth’s crust

A) Nitrogen

B) Hydrogen

C) Oxygen

D) Silicon

Question Prepared By : Mahesh K

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