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  • Who was appointed as CFO and Deputy Managing Director of SBI - Anshula Kant 


  • Which player became 47th player to join 100 partners club on ATP Circuit - Leander Paes

  • Famous Ambubachi Mela was held in - Assam

  • Famous Hemis festival is a festival of - Ladakh

  • Financial Stability Report June 2015 was released by - RBI

  • APMDC signed MoU with which company for iron ore mining projects - NSL Mining Resources India Pvt Ltd

  • Which category of banks were allowed to borrow from International Financial Institutions - AD Category-I Banks

  • Which three states were asked by Union Government to introduce milk in mid day meal scheme - Bihar, Tamilnadu and Rajasthan

  • When was International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed - 26th June

  • For how much time RBI extended deadline for exchanging pre-2005 currency notes - For 6 Months

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