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01 Tallest Animal Giraffe
02 Fastest Bird Swift
03 Largest Bird Ostrich
04 Smallest Bird Humming Bird
05 Longest Railway Bridge Lower Zambesi (Africa)
06 Longest Canal (Ship) Baltic White Sea Canal (152 miles)
07 Highest City Wen Chuan (China) 16000 ft.
08 Largest Continent Asia
09 Smallest Continent Australia
10 Highest Country Tibet (The Pamirs)
11 Largest Country(in population) China
12 Largest Country(in area) USSR, now CIS (Common Wealth of Independent States)
13 Largest Day June 21 (Northern Hemisphere)
14 Shortest Day December 22(Northern Hemisphere)
15 Largest Desert Sahara (Africa)
16 Deepest Lake Baikal (Siberia) Average depth 2300 feet
17 Largest Lake (fresh water) Lake Superior (USA) (31200 sq.miles)
18 Largest Lake (salt water) Caspian Sea
19 Largest Masque Jama Masjid,Delhi, area 10000 Sq.ft.
20 Highest Mountain Peak Everest (Nepal) 29028 ft.

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