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  • Name the project launched by Kerala government to end liquor abuse - Subodham project 

    Subodham project has been launched by State Government of Kerala to help people in the state to vanquish enslavement to liquor. Founder of Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravishankar and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy launched the project in Kochi.

    Aims of Subodham Project
  • To obliterate the peril of substance addiction from society
  • To release one lakh people each year from alcohol addiction, through various awareness campaigns.
  • The project chase to achieve the purposeful target of making the state totally alcohol free over the next 10 years.

  • Name the First woman to climb the Everest summit twice in a week - Chhurim Sherpa

    Chhurim Sherpa became the first woman to climb the 8850 metre (29035 feet) Mount Everest summit twice in a week. Sherpa was in news as during her third ascent to Mount Everest she will take a cricket bat and two jerseys of deceased Australian cricketer Phil Hughes.The belongings of Hughes are being carried to the summit as a mark of tribute to him. In November 2014, Hughes was hit on the back of his head by a ball while batting during a domestic match in Sydney.
  • Which three Indian race walkers qualified for 2016 Rio Olympics - Khushbir, Manish, Sandeep

  • Taskforce on farm development has been established by - Maharashtra Government

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