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 1.Who introduced rubber to Kerala? - The Dutch
 2.The largest public sector undertaking in Kerala ? - KSRTC

 3.Which river flows through the Silent Valley ? - Kunthippuzha

 4.Southern most river of Kerala ? - Neyyar

 5.Who called Pazhassi Raja as 'Kerala Simham'? - Sardar K M Panicker

 6.Pazhassi Raja was the ruler of ? - Kingdom of Kottayam

 7.Which temple is known as 'The Guruvayoor of South Kerala'? - Sreekrishna Swami Temple,Ambalappuzha

 8.In which language was Hortus Malabaricus was originally written? - Latin

 9.In which year was the Kulachal war? - 1741

10.The first revolt against British in Kerala? - Attingal Rebellion 

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