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1. With the help of which company did Cochin Shipyard Build ?

Answer - Mitsubishi From Japan

2. Who was known as the architect of Cochin Port ?

Answer - Robert Bristo

3. which of the Indian Air Port in India built in the Corporate Sector ?

Answer - Cochin International Airport

4. Who wrote 'Paranki Padayalikal' ?

Answer - Sardar K.M Panikkar

5. When was the Malabar Rebellion Started ?

Answer - 1921 August 20

6. Which University in Kerala was earlier known as Malabar University ?

Answer - Kannur University

7. Who is the first Woman form Kerala who led the Indian Olympic Team ?

Answer - Shyni Wilson

8. Who was the first congress minister in Kerala ?

Answer - R. Sankar

9. Who was the Minister for Law and Electricity in first ministry of Kerala ?

Answer - V.R Krishnayyar

10. Which is the corporation in Kerala with highest Population ?

Answer - Thiruvananthapuram

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