1.     Who was known as  “The Grand Old man of India” ?

         Answer Dadabhai Navaroji

2.     The worst famine in India under the British rule occurred in ?

         Answer - 1876-78

3.     The cancellation of partition of Bengalwas announced in ?

         Answer - 1911

4.     The women social reformer who was called as ‘Pandita’ ?

       Answer -  Ramabai 

 5.All India Harijan Sangh was founded by  ?

      Answer - Mahatma Gandhi

 6.The Second Civil Disobedience Movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi in-?

      Answer -  1932

    7.Language of Sangam literature?

      Answer -  Tamil

   8.The Third Buddhist Council was convened at ?

     Answer -  Pataliputra

   9.The archeological Survey of India was set up during the viceroyality of  ?

     Answer -  Lord Curzon

 10.The Indian factories act was passed in ?

     Answer -  1881