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1.What is the time difference between Indian Standard time and Greenwich time ?

  Answer  - 5 hours 30 minute

2.Sri Lanka is separated from India by a narrow sea called the ?

   Answer  - Palk Strait

3.The boundary line between India and Pakistan is called ?

   Answer  - Radcliffe Line

4.The boundary line between India and China is called ?

    Answer  - McMahon Line

5-Srinagar is located along the banks of ?

    Answer  - Jhelum

6.The region acting as water divide between Indus and Ganga ?

  Answer   - Ambala

7.The worlds highest Plateau?

  Answer   - Tibet

8.The largest gap along the Western Ghat is ?

  Answer  - Palghat gap

9.The river Narmada has its source at  ?

  Answer  - Amarkantak

10.The river which was known as the "Sorrow" of  West Bengal ?

  Answer - Kosi

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