1 : Which is the highest literary award of the world?

A: Nobel Prize
B: Booker Prize
C: Pulitzer Prize
D: Magsaysay Award

2 : Which body of UNO gives advisory opinion on legal matters to the bodies and special agencies of the UNO?

A: The Security Council
B: International Court of Justice
C: Trusteeship Council
D: Secretariat

3 : Which among the sources of energy tapped in India has shown the largest growth till the Eighth plan?

A: Hydro
B: Thermal
C: Gas
D: Nuclear

 4 : When was Mandela inaugurated as first black President?

A: 1994
B: 1999
C: 2000
D: None of the above

 5 : Which Bank has the maximum number of branches?

B: HDFC Bank
C: State Bank of India
D: State Bank of Patiala

 6 : Where is the sports stadium, Green Park, located?

A: Kanpur
B: Jamshedpur
C: Cuttack
D: Patiala

 7 : Which of the following are the important sects of Islam?

A: Catholics and Protestants
B: Sunnis and Shias
C: Mahayana and Hinayan
D: None of the above

8 : Which is the state with largest urban population?

A: West Bengal
B: Maharashtra
C: Kerala

D: Goa

 9 : Which of the following agencies related to the United Nation was in existence before the Second World War?

A: Food and Agricultural Organisation
B: International Labour Organisation
C: World Health Organisation
D: International Monetary Fund

 10 : When was Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism born in Media(Iran)?

A: 2000 BC
B: 660 BC
C: 1075 BC
D: 740 BC