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1. ARUNA MAMI ( ARUNANCHAL NAGALAND MANIPUR MIZORAM ) Indian states touch boundary of Myanmar
2. GK T SLM (Gulam, Khilji, Tuglak, Sayad, Lodi, Mugal)

3. B.D.M.S BODO, DOGRI, MAITHILI, SANTHALI are languages added to 8th schedule under 92nd amendment..

4. GPRS may b used in place of Harappa Civilisation 
means its important places are situated in Gujrat, Punjab,Rajasthan,Sind

5. Panipat (1526), Khanwa (1527) Chanderi (1528) Ghaghra (1529)
6. Permanent member of UNO - FRECA (France, Russia, England, China, America)

7. B.S.N.L as BELGIUM, SWITZER LAND, NETHERLAN D­ and LUXEMBOURG are European countries where'mercy killing'is legallised

8. Vitamin B, C.are soluble in water. And others means A, D, E , K (KEDA) are soluble in fat..
9. 4 Buddhist councils serial is RAVA PAKA ....

1- RAjigriha
2- VAisali
3- PAtliputra
4- KAshmir

10. BPARTY - 1. Brahmo Samaj, 2.Prarthana Samaj, 3.Arya Samaj, 4.Ramkrishan Mission, 
       5.Theosiphical Society, 6. Young Bengal Movement all r in chronicle.
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