Damna is an ornament worn in-   


Among the following, which Hindi Novel has been written by Rajendra Yadav?   
   Saara Aakash

   Andhere Band Kamare

   Raag Darbari
   Aadha Gaon

    Lord Dalhousie

    William Bentinck

    Lord Carnwallis

   Lord Hastings

“Dasakumar Charitam” was composed by?   



Which of the following pairs is correct ?   
   Chuar Revolt : Orissa

   Parlakhemundi Revolt : Orissa

   Sanyasi Revolt : Bihar
   Rampa Revolt : Karnatak 

In December 1931, which two school girls killed the District Judge in Komilla by shooting?   
   Suniti Choudhary and Bina Das

   Shanti Ghosh and Suniti Choudhary

   Bina Das and Kalpana Datta
   Kalpana Datta and Shanti Ghosh