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While Indian classical dance is considered a higher form of art and was practiced in courts, temples and on special occasions, folk dance forms are practiced in groups in rural areas as an expression of their daily work and rituals. They are performed on religious or seasonal festivals. 

1. Tamasha and Dahi Handi Maharashtra
2. Garba and Ras Lila Gujarat
3. Chhow and Maya Shavari Orissa
4. Jhumar and Kathputli Rajasthan
5. Lota Dance Madhya Pradesh
6. Dussehra Dance Himachal Pradesh
7. Gidda and Bhangra Punjab
8. Ras Lila,Nautanki,Ahir and Thali Uttar Pradesh
9. Spear Dance Nagaland
10. Keli Gopal and Bihu Assam
11. Kirthand and Kathi Bengal
12. Chhow,Maghe and Durga Dance Bihar

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