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Blood Relation questions appear frequently in aptitude based exams. They are often successful in confusing us and we end up wasting precious time and valuable marks.
Here is a structured three-step approach that will help you in several ways.
One, it will help you avoid any confusion and lay out the question. Secondly, it will help you make faster decisions.

Remember, blood relation questions are just a complex way to put forward a simple relationship.

So here is the mantra to solve these questions: GIG

What is GIG. Lets go over it in three steps as I promised.
Note down the generation to which each person in the question belongs.

Say you are Generation 0, your Dad is Generation 1 and your son (ya ya, you are too young, but say just for example) is Generation -1, your Grandfather is Generation 2, and your Grandson is Generation -2.
So a father or a mother or uncle or aunt belongs to generation +1 and son or a daughter or nephew is Generation -1

Note down the generations in this question:
Pointing towards Pappu, Billu said “I am the only son of his father’s one of the sons”. How
Pappu is related to Billu?
Say Pappu is Generation 0
Pappu’s father is Generation 1
One of Pappu’s father’s son is also Generation 0
Billu is the “son” of One of Pappu’s father’s son – So Billu is Generation -1

Indirect or Direct Relation:
As the title suggests, you must identify whether the relation between two persons is direct or it involves someone in between.
Here is an easy way to understand it.
A husband and wife have a direct relationship so do a father and a son.
However, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law do not have a direct relationship, there must be another person who is mother-in-law’s son and daughter-in-law’s husband in between.
This is the component that adds the trick to blood relation questions. If you solve this piece you will certainly be able to answer your question.

This is the final piece of the puzzle. You need to identify whether the person being talked about is male or female.
Sometimes its easy sometimes it may not be clear.


 An uncle and a nephew. In this indirect relationship, The intermediate person could be male (uncle’s brother and the nephew’s father) or female (uncle’s sister and the nephew’s mother). You must make a note of this and solve this part from other information in the question.
Lets solve a question to put the GIG strategy into action.
If Bipasha says, “Asha’s father Raj is the only son of my father-in-law, Sanjay”; How is Katrina related to Sanjay. Katrina is Asha’s sister?
(1) Daughter (2) Wife (3) Daughter-in-law (4) Niece  (5) Grand-daughter
Now, first things first, Do Not Worry. You will be able to solve it.


Say Asha is Generation 0
Katrina is Asha’s sister so Katrina is also Generation 0
Raj is Asha’s father so he is Generation 1
Raj is the Son of Sanjay so Sanjay is Generation 2
Bipasha is Sanjay’s daughter-in-law so she is Generation 1

Indirect or Direct Relationship:

Sanjay is Bipasha’s father-in-law, therefore there is Bipasha’s husband and Sanjay’s son who is the link in between.
Question says Raj is Sanjay’s son – So one new information. Raj is Bipasha’s husband.
Raj is Asha’s father, which also means Asha is also Bipasha’s daughter and Sanjay’s Ganddaughter.


Katrina is Asha’s sister (female), so Katrina is Sanjay’s Grand-daughter.
Go ahead and try some questions. I am sure you will find it much easier now.

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