1. Form the following which society is exempted from the payment audit fee : Coir Co-operative Societies

2. The purchase journal contains : Credit purchase of merchandise

3. Which of the following is correct : Capital=Assets-Liabilities

4. Which of the following error will not affect the trial balance : Writing an amount in wrong account but on the correct side

5. Which accounting concept states that every change in resources brings about equal changes in equities : Dual aspect concept

6. On purchase of old furniture, Rs.2000 is spent for its repair should be debited to : Furniture Account

7. Payment of liability result in : Decrease in total asset

8. Which of the following account is a personal account : Rent outstanding account

9. A’s Trial Balance contains the following information - Bad debit:Rs.2000/- , Provision for bad debt:Rs.2,500/- , It is desired to make a provision for bad debt of Rs.3,000 at the end of the year. The amount to be debited to the profit and loss amount is : 2500/-

10. B’s Capital on January, 2006:Rs.50,000, Interest on drawing:Rs2,000, Interest on capital:Rs5,000, Drawings.Rs.20,000, Profit for the year:Rs.10,000, His capital at December 2006 is : 43,000/-