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  1. Zero was invented by?
       Answer :   Aryabhatta 

     2. The Indian flag was designed by?
         Answer :   Pingali Venkiah 

     3. Which city in India is known as the Diamond Capital?
       Answer :   Surat 

     4. In which Indian state did the game of Polo originate?
        Answer :   Manipur  

     5.The first satellite launched by India?
        Answer :   Aryabhatta 

     6. The first telegraph line in India was laid between?
        Answer :   Kolkata and Agra
     7. Where is Fort William located ?
        Answer :   Kolkata
     8. Which state is known as India's Spice Garden?
          Answer :   Kerala 
     9. Which Indian State has most airports?
         Answer :   Gujarat 

     10. What was the name of Tipu Sultan's father? 
         Answer :   Haydar Ali
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