1. A Co-operative society shall be registered only with : Limited liability

2. From the following which one is not related to the registration of Co-operative society : Profit Maximization

3. According to section 74, who can cancel the registration of a society : Registrar

4. The first secretary of co-operative society, before its registration shall generally be appointed by : Promoters

5. Who can dismiss a co-operative society : Board of Directors

6. The term of office of an elected member in circle co-operative union shall be : 5 years

7. The members of the circle Co-operative union shall meet : At least once in every month

8. A customer’s letter of instruction, without any stamp, in connection with the operations of his account is known as : Mandate

9. The document drawn by a debtor on the creditor agreeing to pay a certain sum is called : Promissory Note

10. The most important feature of a negotiable instrument is : Free Transfer & Transfer free from defects