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(1) What is the total area of Kerala State ?
      Answer : 38863 Km²

(2) What is the length of coast of Kerala ?
      Answer :  580 Km

(3) Which is the only district in Kerala that shares boarders with both Two Tamilnadu and Karnadaka ?
      Answer : Wayanad

(4) 'Cheruthuruthi' is situated on the banks of which River ?
      Answer : Bharathappuzha 

(5) Which is the place in Kerala where the highest rainfall is received?

      Answer :Neriyamangalam (Ernakulam)

(6) Which is the district in Kerala where the highest rail fall is received ?
      Answer :  Kozhikode 

(7) Which place is known as 'Chirapunji of Kerala' ?
      Answer : Lakkidi (Wayanad)

(8) Which is the rain shadow region in Kerala ?
      Answer : Chinnar (Idukki)

(9) Which is the Hottest district in Kerala ?
      Answer :Palakkad

(10) The floods occurred inwhich year was known as 'Floods of 99' ?
      Answer : 1924


Keywords : Kerala PSC, Secretariat Assistant Examination 

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