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  • A proclamation; general pardon of the offenses of subjects against the government - Amnesty

  • Having the power of living in two elements, air and water - Amphibious

  • One who excites/ignites disorder in a state - Anarchist

  • The science which treats the internal structure of organized bodies, as elucidated by dissection - Anatomy

  • A substance which has the power of depriving one of feeling or sensation. - Anaesthetic

  • Any error which implies the misplacing of persons or events in time - Anachronism

  • A work of art, the name of whose author is not known or acknowledged. - Anonymous

  • A scientist who studied the development of man from his earliest beginnings - Anthropologist

  • A place where aquatic are kept - Aquarium

  • A plant that grows in water - Aquatic

  • A person chosen or appointed by parties in controversy to decide their differences. - Arbitrator

  • One skilled in the science of antiquities - Archaelogist

  • The rule of the nobility; the rich and the sophisticated of the society - Aristrocracy

  • A place where weapons are manufactured and stored - Arsenal

  • One who is skilled in the science of the celestial bodies, their nature, magnitudes, etc - Astronomer

  • One who does not profess faith of God - Atheist

  • Biography or memoirs of a person written by himself - Autobiography

  • The government of an absolute monarch - Autocracy 

  • Personal observations : in medical science, Post-Mortum examinations - Autopsy
          A building for the keeping, rearing and breeding of birds - Aviary  

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