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1. During the decline of Mughal Empire, the Jats were organized into a political force by : Suraj Mal

2. The only Indian batsman to have scored a century in ODI in India-West Indies 2006 series was: Rahul Dravid

3. Which Indian got Nobel Prize in physics in 1930 : C.V.Raman

4. With what part or organ of the human body that the disease pyorrhoea is associated : Gums

5. HMT factory in Kerala is at : Kalamassery

6. The literary character “OROTHA” is in the novel written by : Kakkanadan

7. The first Chairperson of Kerala Womens’ Commission was : Sugathakumari

8. ---------- has got the recent Magsaysay Award for Rural Reporting : P Sainath

9. The first Railway Station built in India is at : Bori Banhar

10. Whose signature is found in one rupee notes in India : Secretary, Ministry of Finance

11. The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development is situated in : Tamil Nadu

12. The Allahabad Pillar Inscription is associated with : Samudragupta

13. “Blue Lady” is : Norway’s Ship

14. Lingaraja temple is located at : Bhubaneswar

15. Sanskrit became the official language under the rule of : Guptas

16. Alexander Fleming : Discovered Penicillin

17. “Readers Digest” is now published by : The India Today Group

18. The Rural Employment Programme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was launched in: April 1989

19. “Kathakali” is performing arts form in : Kerala

20. ‘My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of : Pandit Ravi Shankar

21. The hormone insulin is : Peptide

22. Nanda Devi peak forms a part of : Kumaon Himalayas

23. --------City is near to Tropic of Cancer : Kolkata

24. “Gurusagaram” is written by : O.V.Vijayan

25. How many sagas in Ramayana : 500

26. The mythical river originating from Manasarovar is : Sarayu

27. The author of the Malayalam novel “Nalukettu” is : M T Vasudevan Nair

28. ------- became first Women Minister of Kerala : K R Gouri

29. The first Women Governor of India was : Sarojini Naidu

30. The Spices Board is situated at : Kochi

31. Numismatics is the study of : Coins

32. “Silver Jubilee” is the celebration of : 25th Anniversary

33. ‘Knot” is the measure to know : The speed of Ship

34. Ranganathitoo Bird Sanctuary is situated in : Karnataka

35. ------ is called “City of Golden Gate” : San Fransisco

36. Raghu Rai is a well known : Photographer

37. ‘Participatory Notes’ are associated with : Foreign Institutional Investment

38. “Akbar Nama” was written by : Abul Fazal

39. ----- is called “Frontier Gandhi” : Abdul Ghaffar Khan

40. Rogers Cup is associated with : Tennis

41. International Literacy Day is observed on : September 8

42. “Cathy Pacific” is the Airways of : Hong Kong

43. The Headquarters of International Labour Organization is in : Geneva

44. Kohutek is the name of a /an : Comet

45. Line drawn parallel to the equator are called : Latitudes

46. Rinkit is the currency of : Malaysia

47. Manikaran Power Plant is in : Himachal Pradesh

48. How many zones are there for Indian Railways : 16

49. ------ is the longest railway platform in the World : Kharagpur(India)

50. The Food Corporation of India was set up in : 1968

51. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is in : Mussorie

52. ------- was set up to review the concept of poverty line was : Lakdawala Committee

53. The first Chairman of Indian Planning Commission was : Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

54. The celebrated work on Indian economic history “The Industrial Evolution of India in Recent Times” was written by : R C Datt

55. Arya Samaj was founded by : Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

56. Who ordered firing for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre” : O’Dwyer

57. The export of slaves from India was banned by : Firoz Tughlag

58. Glass is best described as : Super Cooled liquid

59. A radar detects, the presence of an enemy aircraft uses : Radio waves

60. There are ----- Union Territories in India : 6

61. -------- Languages are recognized as regional languages in the Constitution : 18

62. Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Constitutional of India by : 42nd Amendment Act

63. By which Constitutional Amendment Bill was the voting age reduced from 21 years to 18 years : 61st

64. Gandhian Principles have been enunciated in the : Directive Principles

65. A Bat is a : Mammal

66. A Cockroach has : Three pairs of walking legs

67. Deficiency if iron in human diet causes : Anaemia

68. Alloys in which mercury is one of the metals are called : Amalgamus

69. Asoka’s contemporary Greek King of Syria mentioned in his edict was : Antiochus II Theos

70. Which of the following are correctly matched : (d) Non-Cooperation Movement-1920

71. Choose the word closest in meaning to the word “Confer” : Grant

72. The object in the sentence ‘She threw it away’ is : It

73. He earns his living by working in a factory. The gerund in this sentence is : working

74. A little progress has been achieved, ------------? : Hasn’t it

75. ------------ Rose is ------------ beautiful flower : The, a

76. I never buy detective stories. In this sentence the adverb is ----------- : Never

77. The object in the sentence ‘I must get my shoes mended’ is : My shoes

78. ‘Entomology’ means: study of : Insects

79. ‘Polygamy’ means : Having more than one mate

80. In the sentence ‘India has started producing atomic bombs’, the gerund is : producing

81. We set out our journey when the rain stopped. The principal clause in the sentence is : We set out our journey

82. ‘Poaching’ means : Illegal killing of protected animals

83. ‘I love working in my garden’. The gerund in the sentence is : Working

84. He is reconciled ---------------- my loss : To

85. My brother has wealth, fame rank and power. This sentence is a ----------- sentence : Simple

86. He is not a person ------------ I would trust : Whom

87. They ----------- such camps for the last five years : Conducted

88. The mis-spelt word among the following : (d)Achivement

89. Parents have to provide------- their children : For

90. Rani says, “I am very fine” (Change into indirect speech) : Rani says that she is very fine.

91. If he ----- here, he could explain it in detail : Were

92. Which of the following is closest in meaning to ‘Squabble’ : Quarrel

93. Everyone is responsible for it, ……….? : Aren’t they

94. ----------- University order approves it, but ---------------uniform decision is to be taken : A, a

95. Choose the correct sentence from the following : (b)The boys went to a cinema last night

96. Advertise the notification(Change into Passive) : Let the notification be advertised

97. ------- wins the race( Use a phrase) : Slow and steady

98. The synonym of ‘Dexterous’ is : Skilful

99. The antonym of ‘Loquacious’ is : Taciturn

100. We---------(Complete) the whole work by May.(Supply the correct form of the verb) : Shall have completed

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