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1. The apex body of co-operative societies in India is : National Co-operative Union of India.

2. CAMPCO is a joint venture of Kerala and : Karnataka

3. The Co-operative reform movement of which country formulated ‘Friendly Societies’ : England

4. What is the prime objective of setting up of CAPE : To establish new institution for professional education under Co-operative sector.

5. Who was the chairman of the task force constituted by the Finance Minister, Govt. of India in 2004 to formulate practical and implementable plan of action is rejuvenate in the rural Co-operative credit structure : Prof. A.Vaidyanathan

6. The well known Raiffeicen rule of ‘One village one society’ was generally followed in which type of Societies : Agricultural credit Societies

7. Central Co-operative Bank in each state organizes their federation which is called : State Co-operative Banks

8. In Co-operative accounting the dual aspect of any transactions are denoted by : Receipts and Payments.

9. A Co-operative Society with unlimited liability can distribute profits only with the general or special orders of : State Government

10. As per the section 33 of the Co-operative Societies Act, 1912 the first 25% of the net profit earned during any year should be transferred to : Reserve fund

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