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Different types of Tenses with Examples

                      Hi  friends, today we can discuss about  the different types of tenses in English with  examples.

      There are three main tenses

1.Present Tense
2.Past Tense
3.Future Tense

 Each main tense divided into sub tenses as
  • Simple
  • Continuous
  • Perfect
  • Perfect continuous

Simple Present

           Used to show habitual actions or universal truth

                 Eg.  1.The sun rises in the east
                        2. She goes to the library every day

Present Continuous  (is/am/are+ing )

                   Used to show an action continuing now or already  decided future action

                Eg. 1.We are attending the class now
                      2.My sister is reading a novel at present

Present Perfect  (have/has+past participle)
                        Used for past events with a connection to present or with words of unfinished time

                         Eg.1.I have lost my watch
                               2.She has gone abroad

Present Perfect Continuous  (has/have + been +ing)

                         show an action already started and still going on

                           Eg.1.I have been waiting here for 2 hours
                                2.She has been working here since 1988


Now we can practice some questions

1.He --- to school at 9 AM everyday.
       c. has gone
Answer: goes (here there is a clue for answer i.e everyday represents habitual action)

2.My mother------ in the room since 10 AM.
      a.has been sitting sitting
      c.was sitting
      d.have been sitting
Answer: has been sitting

3.My father ---- from the office just now.
     c.had come
     d.has come
Answer: has come (just now)

4.Every day the plane ---- at  9 AM at the airport.
      b.was landing
      c.has been landing
Answer: lands( Every day)

5.I --- the TV when the power failed
       a.watched watching
       d.was watching

Answer: was watching

                                                                                                                              [ Contd. ► ]                               

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