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1.In excel the prerecorded formula that provides a shortcut for complex calculations is

Answer : Function

2.Main system board of a computer is called                                                               

Answer : Motherboard

3.The operating system that is self contained in a device and resident in the RAM is

 Answer : Embedded OS

4.The process of carrying out commands is called                                                     
Answer : Executing

5.POST stands for-

Answer : Power On Self Test

6.How many megabytes make a gigabyte?

Answer : 1024

7.Fastest type of Computer?

Answer : Supercomputer

8. Linux is a type --- software

Answer : Shareware

9 .To restart computer which shortcut used?

Answer : Ctrl+Alt+Del

10.World's first electronic digital computer?

Answer : Colossus 

11. The computer language used on internet?

Answer : Java   

12.Human readable version of a program is called?

Answer : Source code 

13.Inventor of  WWW is?

 Answer : Tim Berner

14.Software that allows users to surf internet is called?

Answer : Browser

15.The process of writing out computer instructions?

Answer : Coding 

16.Which device can understand the difference between data and program

Answer : Microprocessor 

17.Output which is made up of pictures,sounds and video--

Answer : Multimedia 

18.Computer language used for artificial intelligence?

Answer : Prolog 

19.In a computer most processing take place in?

Answer : CPU 

20.--- is required to create an HTML document

Answer : Text editor
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